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Prepare For The Convergence 2014: attend upcoming WaveAccess webinars!

We have been waiting and have preparing for Microsoft Convergence 2014 for a whole year! To get you know to our MS CRM products, that we are going to present at the exhibition, we will hold two webinars:

WaveAccess Gamification webinar – How to measure and improve CRM user adoption?
We will talk about Gamification principles and how they are applied to CRM context. Also we will cover the configuration of WaveAccess Gamification to meet specific requirements of real companies. In particular we will focus on special Quiz games embedded in MS CRM that test sales people knowledge of their customer base and the products they sell.
Feb 26 8:00 AM PST

Relationship Charts webinar - is an introduction in a well-known Relationship Charts™, Microsoft CRM add-on that allows users to work with Relationships and Connections in Microsoft CRM in a visual way.
During this webinar we will cover the main out of the box capabilities of Relationship Charts and briefly discuss what can be achieved using this tool.
Feb 25 8:00 AM PST

Both webinars will be useful for business and technical people.

Planning to attend Convergence? Take time to join WaveAccess there! Visit our booth (#2934) and connect with us!

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