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Scribe comes with some predefined DTS samples for Dynamics CRM Adapter, however they are very basic and contain only examples of how to configure it as source or target. You will need to develop DTS for each entity that you would like to migrate.

First you need to map fields from source to target, and luckily there is a button to auto map fields. But as a rule you will need to configure it manually and here special attention should be paid to look-ups configuration.

After you configured mapping, you should configure Steps. Steps are used to define the data processing logic to be used when the DTS file is run. Basically the step is an operation that is performed on a target data object. Steps are performed once for each source row. To define each step, first select a target data object and then define the operation to perform on it. The default step operation is “Insert” that inserts the source record in the target. In most cases it will be suitable for migration, however you can define different operations from drop-down menu.

Actually Scribe approach for migration CRM to CRM looks quite complex, because it doesn’t provide any special interface, and uses the same logic as integration between different systems.

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