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SalesCentric Relationship Charts v4.6 released

It is high time to announce the release of the new version of SalesCentric Relationship Charts. Eventually, any kind of xRM relations can be visualised and due to the latest “Auto Build” functionality CRM users can now:

• build whole organisation charts with all the subsidiaries and sub-accounts with just a few mouse clicks,
• update CRM and share the data with colleagues and partners,
• see customer or partner relationships,
• connect accounts, contacts or any other Microsoft CRM records in a drag-and-drop- and WYSIWYG-manner.
This makes a powerful, highly effective and accurate business intelligence tool accessible to any CRM user.
For more information on Relationship Charts, please call us on +44 (0) 203 286 8842 (UK), +1 949 682 3997 (US) or email at or visit

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