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Software optimization, please

Suffer from inherent complexity of software with a long life span? Oversaturation with reusable components and code pieces as a result of incremental and progressive development process? Your software system is too difficult to comprehend? The kind of complexity that is driven by the fact that the system has evolved over long time and has accumulated accuracy deterioration? Self-inflicted complexity?

Clustering, multi-core capabilities utilization or any other kind of solution that dissemblingly exploits increased hardware power do not solve the problem in its essence but only compensate for a short term, while the disciplined methodologies, lucid analytical approaches, good software engineering habits and extensibility through flexibility instead of complexity modus cogitandi do.

We tackle not only complex problems but also complex software. We will assist you in speed, robustness and maintenance optimization. We will help you redesign bulky software systems with contorted and sloppy architecture to a punctilious and effective systems.

We also perform prototype optimization, tune up database performance, refactor system architecture, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, CPU and peripheral access acceleration.

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