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Moving into Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a computing environment that allows to take advantage from dynamic scalability, extensibility and high availability of cloud-based infrastructure runtime.

What do we do?
We specialize in .NET framework technology and have implemented several projects that utilized Windows Azure platform. With the acquired expertise we assist our customers in the following areas:

  • Prepare websites and databases to make sure that they effectively correspond to the requirements for Azure deployment to facilitate the highest degree of adoption of advantages of the cloud-based computing platform.

  • Create .NET applications with business logics that requires high computing resources for multiple clients. In case the application is initially built with support for Azure deployment, we can utilize all its capacity to create a scalable project.

  • Migrate existing ASP.NET applications to the cloud platform and enable them to use SQL Azure as a persistent backend storage.
If you already have an application and your hosting servers do not cope with the high load, then Azure migration can improve the service level and increase the simultaneous client-user operation load.

We also test the applications after deployment to make sure that the migrated solution utilizes all the Azure-inherent potential and maintain the Azure-hosted applications or whole infrastructures in Windows Azure cloud platform.

For what kind of applications do we provide Azure development for?

1. For applications with constantly increasing computing and database resources load.
2. For applications with peak demands prior to demo or new version release.

What are your benefits?

By migrating your current infrastructure into Azure Cloud your company will be able to cut maintenance and upgrade expenses and limitations as well as consolidate dispersed data sources within one cloud platform.

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